Emergency Contraception Study

Our research study is trying to find out which dose of emergency contraception, sometimes referred to as EC or “the morning-after pill”, works best at preventing pregnancy in women over 176 pounds. We are comparing the standard dose of two types of EC currently on the market with an investigational higher dose of EC. Approximately 1200 women will take part in this study at different research centers across the US. If you join the study, you will be provided with emergency contraception and be followed for about one month. The EC pills, all study supplies and procedures are provided at no cost.

What Will Happen During the Study: 

Study participation will last about one month, during which time you will be provided with emergency contraception and condoms to use until the end of your participation. At the first visit, you will get more information about the study and complete some paperwork including a focused medical history. If you are eligible, you will be enrolled and receive your emergency contraception and supplies After enrollment, you will complete at least two home urine pregnancy tests and record your bleeding history and any side effects on a paper diary. This information will be collected and reviewed during regular follow-up phone calls. Your participation will last approximately one month.


Participants will receive $200 for completing the study. Additional compensation for transportation costs is also available.

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This study is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.

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